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Our Mission

Our particular niche within the Internet realm is:  To make the great vistas and scientific discoveries of Fernand Crombette more available to English-speaking North Americans.

In our geographically smaller local efforts, however, we are a group acting with a broader scope, as something of a "think-tank"; in self-educating ourselves as well as helping educate
whomever of the public might be interested.  Occasional forays are also made into projects of propaganda intended to educate the public who are ignorant and who would not
otherwise be reached.  Additionally, since things of local interest often lean toward the practical, some of our local educational efforts actually tend toward what one might consider
as appropriate to a MakerSpace or even a HackerSpace.

Today's Feature:  The Cosmic Dance

...Again the evidence of orderly separations, seeming to form a larger pattern of an orderly system. Was the entire solar system in its entirety composed of this order? Notable are anomalous orbits of Pluto, its synchronized 8.58 times smaller mate Charon, and tiny Ceres, the only round object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. “If there really is an order to the entire system”, I t...

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